Welcome to Vocal Music Lessons

South Indian Classical (Carnatic) music permits you to learn to sing by simply pronouncing the notes sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, dha and ni – a language of music from India. (A minimal set of lyrics in these lessons can be skipped if they are difficult.)

Once you know the right frewuencies and master intervals between the seven notes and the specific melodic scale, rAgam, you can later sing any song in any language and any genre.

Thank You for exploring this site humbly dedicated to my teacher Sri M.D. Ramanathan who was a tremendous singer, composer and teacher..

Preparation https://drive.google.com/file/d/11_Ha_5YDx3Zz1-HJslTrNGxFtzbv3UMG/view?usp=sharing

Semester one: Adi tALa varNams (8 beats)

Semester 2: ata tALa varNams (14 beats)